Welcome to Vita Medella, your trusted partner in expatriate health and travel insurance. Our name, Vita Medella, signifies our commitment to fostering ‘a healthy life’ by providing comprehensive, cost-effective insurance solutions that underpin the essential work of missionaries across the globe.

Our travel insurance coverage is designed to protect you from financial losses should your trip be delayed, interrupted, or cancelled. Click here for a travel insurance quote.

We offer temporary coverage for accidents, sicknesses, and emergency evacuations when you’re visiting or traveling outside of your home country. Click here for an instant travel medical insurance quote.

At Vita Medella, our holistic approach to major medical is rooted in our commitment to Strategize, Support, and Sustain. We tailor healthcare solutions by understanding your unique needs, equip your global workforce with comprehensive insurance options, and ensure financial longevity to keep your mission thriving. Leave the complexities of health insurance behind and let us champion your cause to prioritize well-being at every turn.

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